Rent Payments & Maintenance Requests

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Frequently Asked Tenant Questions:

How do I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent by logging into your tenant portal and paying online OR by mailing in/dropping your payment off to our office located at: 2266 S. Dobson Road, Suite 219, Mesa AZ 85202.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

All repair requests are made by logging into your tenant portal. Tenant is responsible for reporting maintenance issues of the property in a timely manner.

What do I do in the event of an emergency?

If the tenant determines that situation is an emergency, tenant should call 911 immediately and then report the emergency to your property manager by calling the office line or after hour emergency line.

What can I do to AVOID being charged for maintenance bills?
  • In the event of leaking and potential water damage: turn off main water valves immediately and contact your property manager. In a non-emergency situation, you must submit your plumbing related maintenance issue online.
  • If an electrical outlet in the kitchen or bathroom suddenly does not work: every house has at least one G.F.C.I outlet. Tenant should find that G.F.C.I outlet and press the reset button prior to contacting the property manager for a repair.
  • If the garbage disposal is not working: most garbage disposals have a small reset button on the bottom of the unit. Locate the reset button and rest he disposal. Tenants will be responsible if garbage disposal repair results from foreign object lodged in drain.
  • Replace the furnace/air filter on a monthly basis. Repair costs associated with improper filter replacement will be the responsibility of the tenant.
Who is responsible for “routine” maintenance?

Routine maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant. Routine maintenance may include but is not limited to: general insect/pest control, refrigerator filter replacement, water softener cleaning, reverse osmosis cleaning, replacing light bulbs, replacing smoke detector batteries, replacing garage keypad batteries, replacing garage door remote batteries, replacing gate opener batteries.

Who is responsible for pool and landscape service?

This is decided at the beginning of your lease and based on landlord/tenant agreement. However, the tenant is always responsible for notifying property manager of ANY repairs necessary to the pool or landscaping immediately, regardless of who provides the services, and assumes responsibility for any repercussions which may occur because of failure to do so. Tenant is also responsible for any repairs or damage to pool/landscape caused by tenant.

Who pays for Utilities?

The tenant is responsible for paying for and transferring service of utilities immediately upon their move-in date, unless otherwise notated on lease agreement. Failure to do so will result in usage charges and fees.

Am I required to give a 30-day notice?

Yes. Always. If you’re planning to vacate, whether you are in a month-month contract or a 12-month lease, you are required BY LAW to give a written 30-day notice to your property manager. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of security deposit refund and any other penalties as prescribed by law.

What are my responsibilities at the time of move-out?

Tenant is required to surrender the premises to the landlord at the time of move-out in a CLEAN and UNDAMAGED condition acceptable to landlord. Contact your property manager for a copy of our move-out checklist. Tenant is required to have carpets cleaned upon moving out and must use the landlord’s approved carpet cleaning service.

When do I receive my deposit refund?

Any security deposit refunds are sent out 14 business days after move-out. Security deposit refunds are NOT provided at time of move-out.

Is my security deposit applied to the last month’s rent?

No. Deposits will NOT be used by the tenant towards the last month’s rent. The lease agreement will dictate whether first and last month’s rent was paid for in advance at the time of move-in.

What gets deducted from my security deposit?

The cost of cleaning or repairing damages to the property after move-out, will be first deducted from the tenant’s security deposit and then through any other means as prescribed by law. Security deposit will be applied to any outstanding tenant account balance owed to landlord/property manager at time of move-out.

What do I do if I need to add or remove a person from the lease?

Contact your property manger. Approval is REQUIRED.

What happens if I want to renew my lease or go month-month?

We are glad you are enjoying your rental home! Your property manager will contact you approximately 45-days prior to your lease expiration date, but feel free to contact your property manager prior to that. Rental rates may be subject to change during renewal periods or when converting to a month-month contract. Approval is always REQUIRED.